How is your mental health?

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10 powerful benefits of journaling for 10 minutes a day

Even though keeping a journal is not everyone’s cup of tea, you might want to consider starting one after reading about the positive benefits, both physical and psychological, particularly during stressful periods.

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15 odd conversations you should not have when conversing with patients with kidney disease

Today we are sharing with you another in-house video by Team psychonephrology titled “15 odd conversations you should not have with a kidney patient”.

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Psychonephrology: Winner of IPA Health Award

We are pleased to inform you that the Psychonephrology project has won first prize in IPA (International Psychological Association) in the community award in Health.

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How to gain from your pain

An enormously distressing past event can have long lasting effects which may only become recognizable many years later. The traumatic event can be one time, such as an accident, injury, loss of someone close, or it can be due to an ongoing cause,  like illness. If you are feeling that you are on an emotional [...]

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The power of touch

The medical field is often best suited for individuals who can handle stressful situations with patience, compassion, as well as mental and physical stamina. There is a fine balance in maintaining and applying excellent communication technical skills. Doctors and nurses choose their profession with the hope of making patients feel better, both physically and emotionally. These efforts [...]

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10 scientifically proven benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

There have been numerous studies to show that Mindfulness Meditation is beneficial for us. It not only helps us in gaining control of our emotions but also enhances overall well-being. Best of all, it can be done by anyone regardless of his or her health or age, and it does not need any special setting or equipment.

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Check your mental health

By age 40, about 50% of the population will have or have had a mental illness. If we include families and caregivers, mental health problems and illnesses impact almost everyone in some way. Source Recent studies indicate an increased frequency of mental illness, especially depression, amongst chronically ill patients. Although every individual has a different threshold limit, a [...]

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12 things you can do to brighten up when having a bad day

As they say, when you get lemons in life, make lemonade out of it. Instead of fixating on the things that aren't going well in your life, remind yourself of everything you're thankful for.

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9 suggestions on how to nurture a Chronically Ill Patient’s Mental Health

When a patient is diagnosed with a chronic illness, not only is he the one experiencing this change, but his whole family, all going  through different emotions at the same time. With the decrease in physical health also comes an increase in mental health concerns. As the frequent hospital visits and medical consultations become the [...]

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