One of the first questions we ask when we exchange pleasantries, is “how are you?”, which mostly is about your physical health. Most of us don’t bring mental health into the wellness frame. But it is the time we change the Paradigm and focus on our mental health along with our physical health. Our mind is an integral part of us and helps process our thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

At Psychonephrology, we try to put the focus on mental health extensively and expansively by discussing the causes, effects and remedial measures that can benefit us.

Here are some of the posts that put a focus on Mental Health:

Check your mental health

A quiz to help you identify any changes in your mood or behavior which may indicate depression. 

12 Things you can do to build mental resilience

mental resilience
Video on the list of the activities can you do to build mental resilience.

10 scientifically-proven benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

There have been numerous studies to show that Mindfulness Meditation is beneficial for us. It not only helps us in gaining control of our emotions but also enhances overall well-being.

10 powerful benefits of journaling for 10 minutes a day

People often imagine that keeping a journal or a diary can be a chore. Others feel they are not cut out for it. Maintaining a journal, whether online or offline, is not something they picture themselves doing. But wait till we share the positive benefits of journaling with you.

How to gain from your pain

Gain from your pain
An enormously distressing past event can have long-lasting effects that may only become recognizable many years later. In this article, we discussed some coping techniques which could be beneficial in managing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Feeling Depressed? Listen to your inner voice

There are many practices and techniques that are used to treat depression, and this post introduces you to ‘Behavioral Activation,’ a relatively new but effective practice to treat depression.

Companions to a Mindful Life

Mindfulness has become a popular and employed stress reduction tool and has become something of a buzzword in recent years.

‘Helping professions’ and Burnout with 10 proven prevention methods

An examination of the burnout literature reveals burnout is prevalent in up to 45% of medical students and alarmingly 75% of residents, (depending on specialty), as well as practicing physicians.

Can Family caregiving and self-compassion co-exist?

Society’s rules and expectations of behavior by family caregivers can seem quite onerous. A caregiver is anticipated to be a selfless individual who keeps the needs of the patient above everyone else’s, including his or her own needs. Along with compassion for the patient, you should also think about self-compassion. If you start ignoring your needs, soon your body will start ignoring you. 

Mindful Yoga for Managing Anxiety

The onset of anxiety affects you not only mentally but also physically. You may begin feeling one or more effects of anxiety, like trouble sleeping, headaches and muscle tension. This build-up of stress can further impact your immune system, making you more vulnerable to other illnesses.

Role of Technology in Mental health

mental health
There are a number of apps that invite and walk you through the process of achieving emotional and mental health. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, want to find some inner peace or add mindfulness as a routine, these apps can give you a head start.

How to Sleep Better: 10+ steps to get a good night’s sleep

A sound sleep does wonders for your mental and physical health. Not sleeping well takes a serious toll on your health and drains your energy. 

9 suggestions on how to nurture a Chronically Ill Patient’s Mental Health

When a patient is diagnosed with a chronic illness, not only is he the one experiencing this change but his whole family, all going through different emotions at the same time. The emotions are like steam in a pressure cooker, needing a way out before exploding into something messier.

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