Distraction: “The Meditation Goldmine”

The number one complaint from those who struggle to meditate is that they can’t stop thinking. Jay Michaelson, teacher and editor at Ten Percent Happier and author of six books on contemplative practice, has heard it all before. However, according to Michaelson, all this talk about thinking and meditating is just a myth: “You don’t need to stop [...]

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Mental Health Toll on Healthcare Workers

On the frontlines of the pandemic, healthcare workers face extreme challenges to mental health and wellbeing. As hospitals go “into ‘surge’ mode,” launching rigorous infection control protocols, arranging triage tents, and reserving floors and wings for Covid-19 patients, many medical workers are seeing things that will stick with them for years to come[i]. They are [...]

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World Mental Health Day

Our website, Psychonephrology.com, was founded with the hope of bringing mental health to the forefront in the medical arena. In the majority of cases, patients with a chronic illness are treated for their physical symptoms, and rightfully so. But during this period of consultations, lab tests, and treatments, the psychological aspects of the disease are [...]

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Audiotherapy as a method of psychological patient support

For 10 years, this team of psychologists, educators and psychiatrists has been engaged in research on the impact of audiotherapy on the psychological state of patients undergoing hemodialysis. Starting on hemodialysis, patients face a number of difficulties. It becomes necessary to change the usual routines of life. Favorite foods may not fit the new requirements of treatment, social [...]

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Are you experiencing a panic attack?

The world we live in today has not experienced a situation equivalent to this for over a hundred years. The last time a pandemic swept the world with full force, most of us were not even born, leaving us without clues on how to cope and recover from its emotional impacts. Our fast-paced lives suddenly came to [...]

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5 Tips for working from home with kids

1. Use visual cues to designate your workspace. – Create a designated area as your work zone and use it consistently. Help your kids build the association that when you’re sitting there, you are working and should not be disturbed unless it is urgent/ important. 2. Help kids create a routine and add structure to [...]

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Effects of Burnout and 10 prevention strategies

Burnout is often called a disease of modern times and with the ongoing COVID 19 situation going around the world, people, especially the helping professionals are even more prone to it.  Burnout can be described as a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Burnout is often not recognized and detected [...]

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Music and brain

Music is all around us. Whether you realize it or not, music affects us in a plethora of ways and comes in many different forms. Many people have their own selection on their phones, tablets, and laptops. The earliest evidence of music comes from flutes that were carved out of bone. Researchers say that these [...]

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