Your kidneys are responsible for removing waste, toxins, and water from your body. When your kidneys are not working properly, it is more difficult for your body to remove the waste, which means that it is very important to monitor the types of food and ingredients that you are consuming. Also, if your kidneys are not working as well, you may need to control the amount of fluids you drink throughout the day.

Food and socializing are often connected, and people often eat together in social settings with friends and family.

Social activities may be affected due to the dietary restrictions that need to be followed by people with kidney disease.

It may be difficult to eat outside of the house, since it is hard to know the exact ingredients and nutritional information in restaurant food. Instead of going out to restaurants to socialize, invite family and friends to your house so that you can cook foods that follow your kidney diet. You can also tell your family and friends about certain foods that you can and cannot eat, so that they can be more understanding and accommodating of your dietary restrictions.

Dieticians can work with you to further explain the diet and the importance of following it. They can also help you to develop a food plan so that you can still enjoy your food and following the necessary restrictions. Dieticians can also give you more examples of foods that you should and should not eat, and they can give you suggestions of recipes and substitutions for foods you should avoid.


Frustrations with dietary restrictions are among the most common and significant issues that patients and families have.
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