A poem by Linda L. Dowd R.N.


Reeling images of long ago

are cascading through my mind,

Picture-perfect in retrospect,

~ Memories intertwined.


I pay no heed to pains of past,

nor to regrets or sorrows,

For they’d impinge upon todays

and darken my tomorrows.


I fill my mind with pleasant thoughts,

~These memories bring me smiles.

By adding joy to days to come,

I can bravely face my trials.


One’s attitude, if positive,

takes everything in stride.

Life’s oyster may be full of grit

but a pearl lies deep inside


Go fill your cup up to the brim

with all life has to offer.

You’ll gain through experience.

~You’re wiser, kinder, stronger.


With every storm that comes your way,

there’s a rainbow ’round the bend.

Fill yourself with glorious light,

and embrace life to the End.


Copyright 2006, 2016

_ _ _

Linda L. Dowd is a graduate of the Mack School of Nursing. She is a registered nurse (retired) who has also studied many forms of alternative healing with numerous certifications including Reflexology, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch to name a few. She has a variety of nursing experiences in hospitals, public health, nursing agencies and eventually opened her own nursing/alternate health business: “Healing Arts” which was registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).

Linda is also a prolific poet and the author of Musings of an Earth Angel.