Mental Health Toll on Healthcare Workers

On the frontlines of the pandemic, healthcare workers face extreme challenges to mental health and wellbeing. As hospitals go “into ‘surge’ mode,” launching rigorous infection control protocols, arranging triage tents, and reserving floors and wings for Covid-19 patients, many medical workers are seeing things that will stick with them for years to come[i]. They are [...]

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Audiotherapy as a method of psychological patient support

For 10 years, this team of psychologists, educators and psychiatrists has been engaged in research on the impact of audiotherapy on the psychological state of patients undergoing hemodialysis. Starting on hemodialysis, patients face a number of difficulties. It becomes necessary to change the usual routines of life. Favorite foods may not fit the new requirements [...]

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World Kidney Day 2020

Kidney disease has become a major illness, given the aging population, the growth in the frequency of diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Kidney disease doesn’t present with any symptoms, and thus may only be diagnosed once it has progressed significantly, to a stage where it is irreversible. The impacts of any disease are not only physical [...]

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Upcoming Webinar: CKD and Mental Health

Any chronic illness, like kidney disease, affects not only the physical wellbeing of an individual but also impacts the psychological and social state. While the physical illness is given its due importance by the healthcare team, as well as caregivers and society at large, the psychosocial aspects sometimes take a backseat, although it is also [...]

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The power of touch

The medical field is often best suited for individuals who can handle stressful situations with patience, compassion, as well as mental and physical stamina. There is a fine balance in maintaining and applying excellent communication technical skills. Doctors and nurses choose their profession with the hope of making patients feel better, both physically and emotionally. These efforts [...]

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Unique programs at Humber River Hospital to improve patients’ quality of life

 Below, Drs Gavril Hercz & Andreas Pierratos,  nephrologists at Humber River Hospital, explain more about innovative models of care: “Needing to be on dialysis is about more than kidneys not working; it’s about a human being, with a worried family, trying to cope with a devastating loss. […] (more…)

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The Trauma of Dialysis Initiation

We are happy to announce that Dr. Gavril Hercz’s article is published, in the Perspective section of JASN October 2017 28: 2835-2837. The link for the article can be found here. "The trauma of dialysis initiation" discusses at length the psychosocial impact of serious medical illness, such as kidney disease, which affects not only [...]

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Hello My Name is: How a sensitive health care professional can make a difference

We all have, probably more than once, visited hospitals and diagnostic centers, and I am sure, most of us experienced some level of anxiety. The most anxious moments can be while waiting for test results. This anxiety of the dreaded unknown is often significantly modified by how these results were communicated to us, better or [...]

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How Technology has impacted the Health Care Arena

What effect does it have on an emotional connection between a Physician and his patient? Healthcare is very often impacted and enhanced by the adoption of new technologies. Clinical practice is increasingly dependent on technology, which has significantly improved the way patients are treated for their illness, resulting in better outcomes. But has it also [...]

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