Mindful Yoga for Managing Anxiety

Whether it is the patient or the caregiver, diagnosis of a serious health condition like the need for dialysis therapy can bring turmoil and trigger anxiety. The onset of anxiety affects you not only mentally but also physically. You may begin feeling one or more effects of anxiety, like trouble sleeping, headaches and muscle tension. [...]

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“I Don’t Want Dialysis” – Living with a Mother’s Wish

I still vividly remember her last night here. She wasn’t fully conscious. Just enough to keep pulling down the face mask providing her with oxygen and opening her eyes to stare at me, before she resumed dozing off. I have no idea if she knew I was there. Yet, I still sat at her side, [...]

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21st Annual Day in Applied Psychoanalysis

    Regular Registration: $165 (Register online or at the door) Full time Students: $85 (*Proof of 2017/2018 status in universities and colleges needs to be provided, see below.) Mental-health trainees and retired seniors: eligible for a 25% fee reduction (*Proof of 2017/18 status required, see below) The George Ignatief Theatre, University of Toronto 15 Devonshire [...]

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The Trauma of Dialysis Initiation

We are happy to announce that Dr. Gavril Hercz’s article is published, in the Perspective section of JASN October 2017 28: 2835-2837. The link for the article can be found here. http://jasn.asnjournals.org/content/28/10/2835 "The trauma of dialysis initiation" discusses at length the psychosocial impact of serious medical illness, such as kidney disease, which affects not only [...]

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Should moving towards the end of life begin a conversation?

Being Mortal Dying is an inevitable part of life. In the manner that we celebrate and discuss the process of birth, why we can’t discuss the process of death? Even for medical professionals, who have seen people going through the process of dying more than anyone else, they are not completely comfortable talking about it [...]

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Beyond the reception desk

The clinical reception area or the reception desk, be it in a clinic or hospital, is the first and last place that a patient encounters during their anxious visit. Thus it has a major role in imprinting a positive or negative impression, while also influencing the dynamics of the encounter while there. The receptionists not [...]

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Smartphone Apps: A Patient’s New Best Friend?

mHealth will rescue you About 1 in 10 people develop some degree of chronic kidney disease (CKD). It can occur at any age and various conditions can lead to CKD. Over 2 million people worldwide currently receive treatment with dialysis or a kidney transplant to stay alive, yet this number may only represent 10% of [...]

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8 books to help your child deal with death

Death can be a difficult subject and most of us feel uncomfortable talking about it. Death, however, does not differentiate, being an inevitable outcome for all of us.  Personal meanings of death can vary, though. Through the ages, for most of us, the best way to deal with it was with denial. Maybe this is the reason that most [...]

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Are you donating a kidney?

Is your decision well informed? Living kidney donations save many lives every year. It can be best described as the donation of a kidney from a healthy person, made of his or her own free will. Donating an organ gives you a sense of an accomplishment, as you were able to save another person’s life. [...]

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Can Family caregiving and self-compassion co-exist?

Society’s rules and expectations of behavior by family caregivers can seem quite onerous. A caregiver is anticipated to be a selfless individual who keeps the needs of the patient above everyone else’s, including his or her own needs. He/she looks after physical, medical, emotional, psychological, financial and legal needs. He is thought to be an [...]

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