Sifted Sand is’s online newsfeed, specifically tailored for clinicians, patients and caregivers.

Sifted Sand will communicate relevant topics about the psychological and social issues that affect people living with the physical burden of kidney disease on a timely and regular basis. For example, one of our first posts will be by Dr. Norman Levy, the founder of Psychonephrology, who discusses how the term originated 50 years ago.

Sifted Sand features will include:
+ Patient blogs
+ Videotapes of the lived patient experience
+ Multiple media sources, including peer-reviewed material that highlight:
+ Impact of emotional issues on physical health
+ Impact of physical illness on our inner wellbeing & relationships
+ Enhancing coping mechanisms

Please register to connect to Sifted Sand and to receive updates on our latest posts and resources. I look forward to welcoming you to a venue for like-minded individuals where ideas can be shared in a secure environment.

Gavril Hercz, MD
Nephrologist, Humber River Hospital (Toronto, Canada)
Member, Canadian Psychoanalytic Society