‘Helping professions’ and Burnout with 10 proven prevention methods

When nothing turns out right We all feel burnout sometimes, and the helping professions like that of physicians and psychologists are also not immune to it. Having a perfect work-life balance seems like an illusion. In 1970, American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger coined the term “burnout” to describe the consequences of severe stress and high ideals experienced [...]

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A Curious Case of Patient Complaints using Social Media: Role of technology

Social media present both new opportunities as well as challenges for the medical profession. With the increasingly rapid adoption of new technology, the way people communicate complaints and also the way these grievances are handled has changed significantly in the last few years. Patients and families increasingly prefer to use social media to share their [...]

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Book Review: “Moonface” – By Angela Balcita

Inspirational and humorous There are many books and articles that deal with people living with kidney disease. Our current review is a different genre of book, a memoir of a lady who had three kidney transplants. Angela Balcita, the recipient and the author of this book, shares her inspiring story. Angela calls herself and her [...]

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Hello My Name is: How a sensitive health care professional can make a difference

We all have, probably more than once, visited hospitals and diagnostic centers, and I am sure, most of us experienced some level of anxiety. The most anxious moments can be while waiting for test results. This anxiety of the dreaded unknown is often significantly modified by how these results were communicated to us, better or [...]

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Guest Blog Post Invitation

We, at psychonephrology.com, greatly appreciate the support that this blog has received from everyone since its inception. We are happy to announce that we are accepting guest posts. You can reach us at admin@psychonephrology.com with your post ideas. Our Audience Nephrology clinicians Mental health clinicians Patients Families Caregivers Good Topics for psychonephrology readers Psychological impacts [...]

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