Can terminal illness mar your passion for life?

No one plans his day as if he will die tomorrow. But what if you are aware that you don’t have much time left? Will your remaining life change forever? Will you retain your zeal for life? When you are given only a year or two to live, when your life horizon becomes dramatically near, what will the remaining hours be marked by?

Tom Lubbock provides evocative answers for many of these questions in his book, “Until Further Notice, I Am Alive”. This book is a moving memoir that he wrote after finding out he had terminal brain cancer. This untimely news, although it had a huge impact on the daily life of his family, is not strong enough to drive Tom away from what he loves most: writing and speaking. How does he manage to continue and remain afloat with his intellectual drives intact, during such a uniquely hard time in his life? Stay tuned for the review of “Until Further Notice, I Am Alive”.