1. Use visual cues to designate your workspace.

– Create a designated area as your work zone and use it consistently. Help your kids build the association that when you’re sitting there, you are working and should not be disturbed unless it is urgent/ important.

2. Help kids create a routine and add structure to their day.

– Work with your kids to create their daily or weekly schedule.
Give them opportunities to choose some of their own activities and help them be more independent.

3. Communicate with your manager and co-workers.

– If you think there will be distractions or interruptions to your calls or even your workday, let your team know! We are here for you and are willing to help!

4. Set realistic expectations of what you can accomplish.

Set and manage expectations early on with your team and managers. Figure out your working hours, when you’ll be most available and how much you can get done.

5. Reach out for help or resources.– These are extraordinary times and we must all come together (virtually) to help each other out.