Our website, Psychonephrology.com, was founded with the hope of bringing mental health to the forefront in the medical arena. In the majority of cases, patients with a chronic illness are treated for their physical symptoms, and rightfully so. But during this period of consultations, lab tests and treatments, the psychological aspects of the disease are often not taken into consideration with the same focus. Our website provides a common platform for both the medical community and the patients, along with their families, to discuss the psychological effects of a chronic illness.

The year 2020 also made us face an unprecedented situation where Coronavirus, or COVID 19, dominated all other aspects of our lives. As social beings, we thrive when we socialize. However, with the physical distancing and travel-related restrictions imposed since the advent of COVID 19, socialization has become a distant reality. People with underlying health conditions and people over a specific age group were particularly cut off socially the most. People faced many challenges during this pandemic, and they were afraid to meet each other. For some of them, this isolation has been very trying.

Mental health is as essential as physical health. We all have to make collective efforts to keep our mental health a priority. We have to start by taking care of our own mental health, and then that of others.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we should still follow the physical distancing guidelines, but there is no need to be socially disconnected.  Reach out to your friends and family and ask them how they feel.  The kindness for self and others will undoubtedly make this uncertain journey with COVID 19 a lot more tolerable.

Today, we would like to list a few articles published in the past, which might help in dealing with the current situation, to help nurture your mental health. The list includes topics related to mental health, burn out, loneliness, and mindful meditation. Here is a summary of articles.

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