“When Breath Becomes Air” – by Paul Kalanithi

 Book review by Mona Rassi “When Breath Becomes Air” is a book written by a 36 years old neurosurgeon who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Before going to medical school, Paul Kalanithi studied English literature. He loved reading and writing, and he took the opportunity to write a book that will influence the lives (more…)
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“Until Further Notice, I am Alive”- by Tom Lubbock

 Until Further Notice, I Am Alive by Tom Lubbock A few weeks ago, Sifted Sand published a review of The Iceberg by Marion Coutts, a book detailing her husband’s terminal illness and how their lives changed after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This week, we review the second half of the story, written (more…)
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Upcoming Book Review: “Until Further Notice, I Am Alive”

 Can terminal illness mar your passion for life? No one plans his day as if he will die tomorrow. But what if you are aware that you don’t have much time left? Will your remaining life change forever? Will you retain your zeal for life? When you are given only a year or two to (more…)
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“The Iceberg”- A Memoir by Marion Coutts

The Iceberg- Marion Coutts This book is a compelling and moving day-to-day account of the physical and emotional impact of a close family member becoming terminally ill. The writer has beautifully constructed a moving narrative, baring all her emotions and thoughts over a three-year journey as her husband dies with incurable cancer. […] (more…)
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Upcoming Book Review: “The Iceberg”

Do you ever consider the unthinkable? What thoughts and emotions would cross your mind if you know that your life partner was terminally ill? How would you imagine the minutes and the hours of the day passing? […] (more…)
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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Book Review Coming Soon | Until Further Notice, I am Alive by Tom Lubbock A famous art critic and illustrator, Tom Lubbock wrote his memoir on living life after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. This upcoming feature will be preceded by our review of The Iceberg, an award-winning memoir written from the perspective of his wife, Marion Coutts, an internationally [...]

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