2016 | October

Upcoming Book Review: “Until Further Notice, I Am Alive”

 Can terminal illness mar your passion for life? No one plans his day as if he will die tomorrow. But what if you are aware that you don’t have much time left? Will your remaining life change forever? Will you retain your zeal for life? When you are given only a year or two to (more…)
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16 Essential Reads about Death, Loss, and Hope

Though death is an ultimate reality of life, no amount of preparation can help us overcome the void that occurs with the death of our loved ones. The eventual shape that mourning takes is colored by the emotional connection we sustained with that person. […] (more…)
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How Technology has impacted the Health Care Arena

What effect does it have on an emotional connection between a Physician and his patient? Healthcare is very often impacted and enhanced by the adoption of new technologies. Clinical practice is increasingly dependent on technology, which has significantly improved the way patients are treated for their illness, resulting in better outcomes. But has it also (more…)
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