2016 | November

Quality of Life Progression during Dialysis Initiation

 The Importance of Resilience and Social Support Dialysis initiation is often associated with emotional distress, involving both patients and their families. Many aspects of these dynamic changes can be appreciated by evaluating different quality of life (QOL) parameters. […] (more…)
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“When Breath Becomes Air” – by Paul Kalanithi

 Book review by Mona Rassi “When Breath Becomes Air” is a book written by a 36 years old neurosurgeon who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Before going to medical school, Paul Kalanithi studied English literature. He loved reading and writing, and he took the opportunity to write a book that will influence the lives (more…)
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Feeling Depressed? Listen to your inner voice

 Feeling Depressed? Listen to your inner voice Of the 7.5 billion world, a staggering 350 million people suffer from depression, which by all counts is an alarming figure. Many who are depressed may not even know it. While the impact of depression touches every aspect of someone’s life, both the individual and his or her (more…)
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“Until Further Notice, I am Alive”- by Tom Lubbock

 Until Further Notice, I Am Alive by Tom Lubbock A few weeks ago, Sifted Sand published a review of The Iceberg by Marion Coutts, a book detailing her husband’s terminal illness and how their lives changed after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This week, we review the second half of the story, written (more…)
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