2016 | May

Caring for the Caregiver

By Dr. Gavril Hercz The role of the caregiver can be quite onerous, supporting and advocating for a loved one without pause. These activities can become very tiring, without necessarily receiving the reciprocal support which would refuel an individual. As well, there may be feelings of guilt in being the healthy one, with no room [...]

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Introducing CAND’s Kidney Friendly Cooking Cookbook

The Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians (CAND) just released a renal cookbook that both patients and clinicians will find very helpful. CAND's Kidney Friendly Cooking cookbook is a collection of 192 recipes written by a team of renal dietitians and is designed for use by people at all stages of kidney function. The introduction provides a description of the elements of a [...]

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The Caregiver as The Hidden Patient?

Informal caregivers refer to friends and family who provide support to individuals that are unable to function independently. There are at least 8.1 million Canadians providing care to family and friends with long term health conditions, disabilities or aging needs. These informal caregivers account for over $25 billion in unpaid labour to the health care [...]

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