2016 | June

Together in Sickness and in Health?

Do aging couples impact each other’s physical and mental well being? Studies show that as we age in relationships, we become more biologically attuned to our partners. Sharing an environment and making cooperative lifestyle decisions can lead to a couple experiencing similar emotional and physical health effects that manifest themselves as biological similarities. These similarities [...]

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Upcoming Feature: Physician-Assisted Death in the Renal Unit? A Four-Part Series

With the recent legalization of physician-assisted death in Canada, what’s next? The legislation of physician-assisted death has Canadian provinces and territories scrambling to formulate the legal rules and regulations for providing this care. Health care professionals are committed first and foremost to improving and maintaining their patients' quality quantity of life, which poses serious concerns around the philosophical, [...]

Practising Emotional First Aid

If placing a bandaid on a cut is automatic, why do we neglect our psychological health?  Guy Winch believes that psychological wounds are just as painful as physical injuries. See his TED talk, "Why we all need to practice emotional first aid", for insightful advice on dealing with the insecurities we all face in times of hardship.

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Mindfulness Therapy Reduces Relapse in Patients with Recurrent Depression

For many, getting well is often only half the battle with depression. Staying well is what proves to be the real challenge. Depression is all too common, especially in those struggling with medical illness or their caregivers. When it does occur, it can be episodic and recurrent. Mindful-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a psychological therapy [...]

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Coping with the ‘D’ Word

By Linda L. Dowd RN Whenever my health issues begin to overwhelm me, I sing the lyrics from the movie "Annie" ~ "The sun will come out tomorrow..."  I have always been of the mindset that even behind the darkest clouds the sun is shining. I am a believer in the validity of many sayings ~ [...]

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