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We are a community of nephrology and mental health clinicians, patients, families, and caregivers who are committed to understanding and helping people cope with the psychosocial impact of chronic kidney disease.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Book Review Coming Soon | Until Further Notice, I am Alive by Tom Lubbock A famous art critic and illustrator, Tom Lubbock wrote his memoir on living life after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. This upcoming feature will be preceded by our review of The Iceberg, an award-winning memoir written from the perspective of his wife, Marion Coutts, an internationally [...]

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Launching Soon!

Sifted Sand is's online newsfeed, specifically tailored for clinicians, patients and caregivers. Sifted Sand will communicate relevant topics about the psychological and social issues that affect people living with the physical burden of kidney disease on a timely and regular basis. For example, one of our first posts will be by Dr. Norman Levy, [...]

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