Polycystic Kidney and Liver Disease and Me

At age 63 I am still not on dialysis and am privileged with a good quality of life – I work part-time, take 2 personal interest courses, enjoy hobbies, eat most food, and do mild activity. So, what’s my problem? I think, “Well, I don’t have a problem”, especially considering how young others in my (more…)
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Unique programs at Humber River Hospital to improve patients’ quality of life

 Below, Drs Gavril Hercz & Andreas Pierratos,  nephrologists at Humber River Hospital, explain more about innovative models of care: “Needing to be on dialysis is about more than kidneys not working; it’s about a human being, with a worried family, trying to cope with a devastating loss. […] (more…)
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How to build mental resilience

Some people may be born with better resilience but we can always train our brains to build and sustain mental resilience. In this post, let’s learn a few steps on how to build mental resilience. […] (more…)
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Kidney Patients: Flex your social media muscles

Social media is increasingly disparaged, not least for its time-wasting capacities. In addition, it has fuelled a dramatic decrease in face-to-face communication, with more people forgetting the difference between the real and virtual world. However one cannot deny the vast positive change social media has bestowed, the ability to connect and communicate with people from (more…)
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How to Sleep Better: 10+ steps to get a good night’s sleep

How to Sleep Better A sound sleep does wonders for your mental and physical health. Not sleeping well takes a serious toll on your health and drains your energy. Getting a perfect sleep can prove a struggle for many. […] (more…)
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Role of Technology in Mental health

The only constant is change. With ever-changing technology, this cannot be truer. Checking your devices multiple times has become second nature for most of us. As the internet is evolving, so is our dependence on it. Some may even term it an addiction. The internet, which was introduced as a way to make our lives [...]

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Think like an Elder

Thinking about aging often brings to mind physical transformations: the weakening of bones and muscles, the slow fade of energy, the aches, and the pains. But as our bodies change with age, so do our minds. It’s true that many elders experience some level of memory loss, a series of mental changes known collectively as [...]

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Death and social media

In July of 2013, NPR Weekend Edition host Scott Simon began tweeting from the ICU of a Chicago hospital. For the next week, as he watched his mother’s condition worsen until her eventual passing, he shared everything from interactions with ICU nurses to his mother’s wisecracks and life lessons with his thousands of Twitter followers. [...]

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